TeachHealthtiID: Developing a Higher Education Curriculum in SET Teaching for the Health Protection and Promotion of Intellectually Disabled Individuals

Duration of the project:

15. 12. 2022 – 14. 4. 2024

Leading Partner:

Duzce University

Collaborating parties / partners:

Masaryk University
University of Primorska
Instituto Politécnico Da Guarda
Sakarya University

Team at UP Faculty of Health Sciences:


Individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) have low ability to consult and obtain health information, and use the information they have acquired, because of their literacy skills and communicative and cognitive limitations (WHO, 2011). Being a disadvantaged group in accessing services and their limitations in using health resources make them a special and priority group in the field of health care. With this project, individuals with intellectual disabilities will improve self-responsibility about their own health. In order to do that, a higher education curriculum including distance education practices for special education teaching undergraduate program students (SET) will be prepared. The project will contribute to reduce the effects of potential barriers which are related to “disabilities and health problems” under the title of “Inclusion and Diversity” of the Erasmus+ KA220 program.