Tuj jezik - Angleščina v zdravstvu

Vsebina predmeta



Nursing/hospital jobs and personnel, hospital departments and facilities, family members, medical equipment, patient record, common diseases symptoms and injuries, items for nursing, food and beverages, parts of the body, body systems, specialists, utensils, medications, telephone expressions, medical stock, aches pain and remedies, weights and measurements, allergies, personal care, formal and informal expressions, nursing diagnosis, etc.

Slovnične strukture:
Adjectives, adverbs, articles, common medical abbreviations, etc. comparison of adjectives, conditionals, conjunctions, genitive –s, the imperative, modal verbs, nouns, numerals, open and closed questions, quantifiers, question tags, passive voice, phrasal verbs, prefixes and suffixes, prepositions and particles, pronouns, punctuation, reported speech, tenses, wh-questions, word formation, etc.