Nutritional Counselling – Dietetics (1st cycle)

Study programme 1st cycle

The study program is prepared in accordance with the European practitioner standards for dietetics adopted by EFAD in June 2005 in order to ensure the mobility of these professionals.

The study program develops quality and professional staff who can raise awareness among the public and certain target population groups about the importance of healthy nutrition for our health, about food safety, and health protection and improvement in general. Likewise, the dietitians are the ones who can aid essentially the patients’ faster recuperation and better condition during and after disease.

The basic contents of the study program are from the fields of food and nutrition. They are discussed mainly from the point of view of the importance of food and nutrition for maintaining and improving health, for preventing diseases and harmful effects on health, and for he patients’ faster recuperation. The largest share of the program’s supporting courses is from the field of medicine and a significant share of the supporting courses is from the field of natural sciences but they are intended solely for the understanding of health and disease.


Mojca Stubelj Alternative Manners of Nutrition Individual consultations (W, S) 3 ECTS
Tamara Poklar Vatovec Nutrition and Lifestyle in Different Life Periods Individual consultations (W, S) 6 ECTS
Barbara Jurša Potocco English I Lectures and seminars (W) 3 ECTS
Ana Petelin Pathophysiology of Food Individual consultations (W, S) 3 ECTS
Zala Jenko Pražnikar Biochemistry Individual consultations (W, S) 6 ECTS
Saša Kenig Cell Biology Individual consultations (W, S) 6 ECTS
Tadeja Jakus Nutrition and Sport Individual consultations (W, S) 3 ECTS
Darja Barlič Maganja Pharmacology and Laboratory Medicine Individual consultations (W, S) 6 ECTS
Boris Kovač Food Processing Individual consultations (W, S) 6 ECTS


Professional title

Diplomirani dietetik (VS) / Diplomirana dietetičarka (VS) – (dipl. diet.)

Study programme general data

Admission requirements


To enrol in the higher education professional study program Nutritional Counselling – Dietetics one needs to have passed the final examination of any four-year secondary-school program, the vocational matura or general matura. If enrolment is to be restricted, the candidates will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Overall achievement in the matura, vocational matura, final examination (60 % of points),
  • Overall achievement in the 3rd and 4th years (40 % of points).