International cooperation

UP Faculty of Health Sciences (UP FHS) pays special attention to international cooperation with higher education institutes, educational and research institutions, and thematic and interest networks, thus making the implementation of the study programmes of higher quality, the scientific and professional work superior, the mobility of students, teachers, researchers and other employees greater, and the Faculty more recognizable. Institutional cooperation includes joining and collaborating in international associations as well as thematic and interest networks.

Erasmus identification number: SI KOPER03

PIC number: 998802793

Erasmus code: 221927-LA-1-2014-1-SI-E4AKA1-ECHE

The international cooperation of the UP Faculty of Health Sciences focuses on:

  • Promoting the international mobility of individuals, increasing the scope of cooperation between organisations, and raising the level of education and training,
  • Enabling students to complete a part of their study programme in partner universities,
  • Offering the best opportunities in career and personal development,
  • Enabling higher education teachers and associates to be included in teaching and research processes in partner universities,
  • Introducing the implementation of individual courses in English, thus creating the conditions for faster exchanges of 1st and 2nd cycle students,
  • Hosting foreign lecturers in 1st and 2nd cycle programmes,
  • Submitting joint research and development projects,
  • Exchanging knowledge, experience and good practice,
  • Designing joint study programmes

Archive – International mobility

The UP Faculty of Health Sciences organised the Erasmus Intensive Programme PRO-ACTE from 25 March to 3 April 2014. The Intensive Programme PRO-ACTE is a three-year project (2012–2014) financially supported by the European Union. Eight partners from five European countries (Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia) participated in the project. The IP PRO-ACTE brings together students and teachers from higher education institutes and universities who study or teach in the field of nursing or social work.

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