• Dean,
  • Vice Deans,
  • Dean’s Council (composed of the Dean, Vice Deans and Faculty Secretary),
  • Senate,
  • Academic Assembley,
  • Administrative Council, and
  • Student Council.



The UP Faculty of Health Sciences has the following commissions – standing working bodies of the Senate:

  • Commission for Study Affairs,
  • Commission for Students’ Affairs,
  • Commission for Scientific and Research Work,
  • Commission for Election to Titles,
  • Disciplinary Commission,
  • Commission for International Cooperation,
  • Commission for Promotion and Monitoring of Quality,
  • Commission for Tutoring.




Departments of the UP Faculty of Health Sciences are:

  • Department of Nursing,
  • Department of Nutritional Counseling – Dietetics,
  • Department of Applied Kinesiology
  • Department of Physiotherapy.


Offices of Secretariat of UP Faculty of Health Sciences are:

  • Office for Students Affairs,
  • Office for Financial and Accountancy Affairs,
  • Office for Scientific and Research Work and International Cooperation,
  • Office for Legal Affairs and Personnel Affairs,
  • Office for General Affairs,
  • Office for Organizational and Development Affairs,
  • Office for Technical Affairs,
  • Office for  Quality and Educational Affairs, 
  • Library,
  • Centre for Practical Training.