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Dear postgraduate students!

In the 2nd semester of the academic year 2023/2024, UP Faculty of Health Sciences is organising the international module »MODERN ASPECTS OF PREVENTION IN HEALTH«, which will take place in Izola, Slovenia.

The main objective of the international module is to increase internalisation at the Faculty of Health Sciences and at the same time to educate students in specific areas of prevention in health care. The aim of the module is to introduce students to interdisciplinary approaches in the health sciences.

The module builds on the content of the postgraduate programmes – Master, 2nd Bologna cycle courses in Kinesiology, Dietetics and Nursing. The main focus of the programme is on the integration and acquisition of new knowledge from different health disciplines.  Upon completion of the programme, students will be able to critically evaluate contemporary social issues in specific areas of prevention in health care.

Don’t miss the opportunity to study at UP Faculty of Health Sciences and get in touch with the authentic Mediterranean! 


The new international module welcomes students from dietetics, nursing, physiotherapy, kinesiology, physical education and other related disciplines. In today’s society, with an ageing population and a fast-paced lifestyles, various chronic non-communicable diseases and conditions that could be delayed or prevented by appropriate lifestyle choices are becoming increasingly common. Indeed, preventive healthcare and health promotion are high on the list of strategic documents both in the EU and globally. Our new module, consisting of 9 subjects that together comprise 30 ECTS, offers a unique opportunity to combine knowledge about preventive healthcare from different fields. After completing this module, students will be able to use a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to guide their clients or patients to make the healthiest choices and help them improve and maintain their health.

The international module is free of charge. Students can attend the module through various mobility programmes.



The module will take place for the first time in the academic year 2023/2024 in the 2nd semester (middle of February 2024 –  June 2024).

It will consist of lectures, discussions, research seminars and individual work. At the end of the semester there will be a compulsory exam for each course.


Izola is a small seaside town on the Adriatic coast, close to Italy (Trieste) and Croatia (Pula), built on a former island. If you are looking for unspoilt Istrian nature, charming narrow old town streets with a touch of Venetian history, small fish restaurants and an excellent starting point for weekend getaways, then this is the right place for you. 

Lectures will take place at two locations in Izola. The main building of the faculty is located near the General Hospital Izola on a small hill, with regular public transport connections. This is where Departments of Nursing and Dietetics and the offices of the Secretariat of the UP Faculty of Health Sciences are located. Departments of Applied Kinesiology and Physiotherapy are situated at Campus Livade 1.0, close to the Izola city center.

Lectures and seminars are held in modern lecture rooms and laboratories, with high-quality equipment.



We invite open-minded, motivated and enthusiastic postgraduate students, from study areas of dietetics, nursing, physiotherapy, kinesiology and physical education.

Students from other fields of study, who are interested in participating, are also  welcome to apply. Their application forms will be considered individually.


Being part of the international module at UP Faculty of Health Sciences is the right decision because you will:

– study in a creative working environment,

– improve your language skills,

– acquire interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of prevention of healthcare,

– receive a certificate that can be part of your CV,

– study in small groups where each student counts,

– experience the Mediterranean way of life,

– be part of the mixing intercultural space,

– live close to Croatia and Italy, which gives you a great starting point for weekend trips.



The international module consists of 9 courses, which together comprise 30 ECTS. A certificate of completion will be issued by the UP Faculty of Health Sciences. In order to obtain the certificate, participants must complete all the activities and requirements specified in the syllabi of the courses included in the module. However, participants can also choose individual subjects of the module and obtain the specified number of ECTS.

24-hour movement behaviours and healthProf. Nejc Šarabon3
Brain and nutritionAssoc. Prof. Nina Mohorko3
Sports for relaxationAssist. Prof. Urška Čeklić3
Alternative manners of nutritionTadeja Jakus, PhD3
Integrative methods of supporting treatmentAssist. Prof. David Ravnik3
Health education and communicationAssoc. Prof. Sabina Ličen3
Project managementAssoc. Prof. Klemen Širok3
The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in healthcare - selected contentsAssoc. Prof. Boštjan Žvanut3
Research projectMentor6

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