Nursing (1st cycle)

Study programme 1st cycle

The study programme Nursing is in compliance with the Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications 2005/36/ES and 2013/55/EU, as well as with the guidelines of the Bologna Declaration. Both systems provide a solid framework for the study programme Nursing, which maintains a fixed ratio between theory and practice and between natural science, social science and specific nursing care courses. Graduates who will begin implementing nursing care without internship are sufficiently qualified to competently carry out the profession of a registered nurse and, in addition, have developed the following principal abilities:

  • ability to APPLY general truths, rules and abstract concepts to specific situations within the nursing care process,
  • ability to ANALYSE, enabling them to become familiar with the connections and interaction of various factors in a specific situation,
  • ability to SYNTHESISE, enabling them to connect different elements into a whole,
  • ability to EVALUATE, enabling them to make the right judgments, based on comparisons and records.

A student connects the theoretical contents from natural sciences, social sciences and nursing care with the clinical training in working environments, which is enabled by case-based and practice-based learning. The study programme is adapted to the needs brought on by the demographic changes of a developed society. The share of practical training, as specified by directives, replaces the cancelled internship. With elective courses, students gain additional knowledge and become qualified to carry out highly diverse tasks in nursing care.

Professional title

Diplomirana medicinska sestra (VS) / Diplomirani zdravstvenik (VS) – (dipl. zn. / dipl. m. s.)

Study programme general data



To enrol in the higher education professional study program Nursing one needs to have passed the final examination of any four-year secondary-school program, the vocational matura or general matura. If enrolment is to be restricted, the candidates will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Overall achievement in the matura, vocational matura, final examination (60 % of points),
  • Overall achievement in the 3rd and 4th years (40 % of points).



The tuition language at UP Faculty of Health Sciences is Slovenian.

Practical training for exchange students in English/Italian (15 ECTS): internistic placement (5 weeks), surgical placement (4 weeks).