Research in the field of physical education is carried out in the field and in kinesiology laboratories.

The head of the kinesiology laboratories is Assist. Prof. Žiga Kozinc

Laboratory equipment
3D motion capture system The system is used to capture 3D kinematical data, which we use to assess movement technique in sports and ergonomics. In addition to the central unit, 3 camera sensors are available to ensure good visibility of the kinematical markers.
Running treadmill Woodway 4 front Woodway 4 is a motorized running treadmill, which enables the assessment of gait at different speeds. It features precise speed determination, and can also monitor the heart rate.
Wireless muscle activity measurement system The EMG system is used to track muscle activity during different tasks or movements. It can be synchronized with other devices, such as force plates and dynamometers.
Accelerometers ActivPAL, for evaluation of sedentary behavior and physical activity levels ActivPAL is an accelerometer, used to assess the amount of physical activity and sedentary behavior in different populations. The sensor’s size is 3x2x0.5 cm. It is affixed to the thigh of the subject. These sensors are used in research, when the purpose is to objectively track the physical activity of the subjects throughout the day.
System for assessment of neuromuscular functions of the trunk
Anthropometric set with calipers The anthropometric set is used to measure human body dimension. It is comprised of stadiometer, caliper, measuring tape, pelvimeter and different compasses.
Additional accessories: digital inclinometers, goniometers, etc.
System for balance assessment – Balance Tracking
Ultrasound apparatus Resona 7 Resona 7 ultrasound is used to assess the structure of various tissues, the flow of the blood and tissue stiffness.
Mobile oxygen consumption meter The portable oxygen consumption meter is used to measure energy consumption outside the laboratory, where standard devices cannot be used. The use is very simple; the device is controlled by a smartphone.
Exercise platform with free weights
System for bilateral isometric strength assessments
Multi-purpose hip dynamometer This state-of-the-art dynamometer is used to measure isometric strength of all hip muscle groups. The main pros of this device are its mobility and ease-of-use (it can be controlled via a tablet).
2x portable force plates The force plates are used to evaluate movement kinetics (jumps, landings, etc.) and balance (body sway during quiet standing).
Linear motion breaking system
Pupil Headset – Eye tracker This device enables us to track the user’s gaze (eye tracking). This is a novel approach to studying visual perception and sensory-motor integration.
Isokinetic dynamometer for muscle strength and power assessment This dynamometer is used to assess the strength and the power of different muscle groups. It can be used in static (isometric) and dynamic (isokinetic and isotonic) modes.
Wireless 16 channel EMG system for muscle activity assessment
ActiGraph – Sensors for assessing physical activity and sedentary behavior ActiGraph is an accelerometer sensor, used to assess the quantity of physical activity of users of all age groups. The sensor size is 3x3x3 cm. It is affixed to the ankle, thigh, waist or wrist with a band. ActiGraph sensors are used in research, when the purpose is to objectively track the physical activity of the subjects throughout the day.