ŠIPK: ŽIVSLOG – The influence of lifestyle on health of young athletes


Duration of the project:

1. 3. 2019 – 30. 6. 2019

Leading researcher:

Assist. Urška Čeklić (SICRIS)

Team at UP FHS:

Assist. Prof. Saša Kenig (SICRIS, ResearchGate)

Project partners:

Sports Club Salto Koper


The influence of lifestyle on health of young athletes, conducted in collaboration with the Salto Koper Athletic society. The project was interdisciplinary in nature and addressed different aspects of gymnasts: i) nutrition, ii) musculoskeletal system, iii) social and psychological component and iv) didactical-methodological approaches for coaches. The aim of the project was to explore the state of young gymnasts (in view of the outlined aspects) and give them recommendations for safer and more appropriate exercises, in order to help them reduce musculoskeletal asymmetries and consequent injuries. We also wanted to teach the athletes and their parents about healthy nutritional habits and give them guidelines for optimal and effective didactical and methodological procedures of training, and to familiarize all the participants in the project on the lifestyle of a gymnast. 

Project ŽIVSLOG is co-financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia and by EU from the European Social Fund.