PKP: ZdravDIH – Integral breathing to promote healthy lifestyle patterns


Duration of the project:

1. 3. 2020 – 31. 7. 2020

Project leader:

Assist. Prof. Sabina Ličen (SICRIS, ResearchGate)

Project partners:

Kai Travel d.o.o.


Breathing is a basic physiological function. Voluntary directing of external respiration is limited by involuntary reflex responses. Most of the time, people breathe unconsciously; we become aware of our breathing especially when external stimuli force us. Our attention to respiratory activity can be diverted by various stimuli from the environment (physical exertion, odors, stress, rapid rhythm of life …). Most people’s breathing patterns change all the time, keeping track of our activities, our well-being. When one gives up conscious control of breathing, breathing goes under the control of the unconscious, where the respiratory pattern is directed by conscious and subconscious emotions and thoughts. The main content and purpose of the project is the description and evaluation of integrated breathing techniques and their empirical support through exploring the bio-psycho-social effects of different breathing techniques to promote the health of the individual and to support his or her lifestyle patterns. Optimal breathing technique and hygiene is a support for optimizing work ability, stress control and faster regeneration, and a tool for achieving beneficial physiological and psychosomatic effects.

»The authors acknowledge the project ZdravDIH is finacially supported by the European Social Fund (80%) and Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (20%).«