Innovation and development


Subject carrier


1. Introduction to innovation:
a. History of inventions and innovations
b. Description of inventor, innovator
2. Definition of basic concepts:
c. Idea
d. Product
e. Invension
f. Innovation
g. Technical improvement
3. Modes of creative thinking
4. Encouraging creative thinking
a. Brainstorming:
I. Group definition
II. Defining a moderator
III. Time and content definition
b. Focus groups
I. Group definition
II. Defining a moderator
III. Definition of content and timeline
c. Gordon’s technique
d. Survey questionnaires:
I. Types of questions
II. Online questionnaires
5. Developmental stages:
a. Planning
b. System Analysis and Requirements
c. System design
d. Development
e. Integration and testing
f. Optimization
g. Implementation
h. Operation and maintenance
6. Project, application of development project and project in the field of industrial research
7. Protection of intellectual property:
a. Model:
I. Model definition
II. Protection of the model
III. Model registration
b. Patent
I. Identification of the patent
II. Patent protection
III. Registration of a patent
c. Brand
I. Defining the brand
II. Brand Protection
III. Registration of a brand
d. Origin
I. Protecting the origin of the product
e. Copyright and related rights
f. Violation of rights
8. Selected examples of the development and research cycle from the following areas:
a. Sports
b. Health
c. Ergonomics