Development of inovative products based on kinesiology science


Subject carrier


Proces of innovation
• Basic concept (idea, invention, innovation, technical improvement)
• Development and improvement of an idea (brain storming, focus groups)
• The differentiation between (industrial) research and (industrial) development
• The aim of the simultaneous assessment of the development-innovation process; the value of the user’s experience (focus group, questionnaires, objective testing)

Development of a product or a service
• Formation of the innovation based on scientific proofs
• Systematic collection of the starting points for the development of the innovation, solving the problem
• Product characteristics (technical, esthetical, economical)
• Optimization of the innovation and commercialization

Protection of the intellectual property
• Legal protection
• Patent, model, pattern, trade mark, origin

Development of the innovation based on kinesiological scientific proofs
• Practical example of the kinesiology based innovation – from idea to the commercialization of the product
• Example of the sport-related innovation
• Example of the metrology based innovation
• Example of the prevention and rehabilitation based innovation

Presentation of the opportunities for obtaining grants for financing the development of the innovation.