PKP: LEPA – Designing a model for promoting sustainable development of physical activities in the local environment


Duration of the project:

1. 3. 2018 – 31. 7. 2018

Project leader:

Assist. Prof. Matej Plevnik (SICRIS, ResearchGate)

Other participants:

Assist. Prof. Mojca Stubelj (SICRIS, ResearchGate)
Assist. Urška Čeklić (SICRIS)

Project partners:

Playness, d.o.o.


Regular physical activity and a healthy diet are recognized as key factors in protecting and promoting health. They contribute to better overall health and well-being, better quality of life and the sustainability of health systems. The measures also improve work productivity in adult employees, while in the long run they enhance health, increase quality of life and contribute to active and healthy aging. Regular physical activity and nutrition have been high on the World Health Organization’s priority list for many years, and for the last decade on the European Union’s political agenda, as measures to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The main problem addressed in the project is to follow the recommendations of the national documents on the importance of promoting regular physical activity and healthy eating and to find ways to implement them in the local environment and community.
The main challenge we pursued in the implementation of the project was to examine the possibilities of the local environment to promote healthy lifestyles through raising physical / sports activity, responsiveness of selected local environments to campaigns and promotions, determining the critical mass of the target audience responding to different ways of promoting, and determining the interest of the local community leadership in the development of the area concerned as well as the implementation of the existing sport policy in the local environment.

»The authors acknowledge the project LEPA is finacially supported by the European Social Fund (80%) and Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (20%).«