EXPLOREDU: System for the identification, management and re-use information on educational events and freely accessible educational content in Slovenia and the world (National project)


1. 11. 2014 – 30. 9. 2015

Project partners:

Jožef Stefan Institute
UP Faculty of Management
UP Faculty of Health Sciences

Project leader at UP Faculty of Health Sciences:

Assist. Prof. Boštjan Žvanut (SICRIS, ResearchGate)


ExplorEdu will:

    – allow open access to all collected freely accessible educational resources of different modalities (text, numeric, video, graphs, structured knowledge)
    – offer a range of innovative services based semantic technologies for comprehensive empirical analysis of the Slovenian freely accessible educational resources as an in-depth search for text and video analysis of events in the Slovenian educational environment, including the competence graphs, collaborative graphs, predictions, trends and simulations, as well as tools for capturing assembly, reuse and optimization of educational content
    – allow bi-directional data transfers between existing services such as SIO data base (with local educational data)
    – enable integration between databases States initiatives OpeningupSlovenia, VideoLectures.Net, scienceatlas.si and ist-world.org,
    – allow open access to other services such as Internet portal SIO portal, portals of educational institutions,…with the aim of promoting wider Slovenian freely accessible educational content.