Bilateral project ARRS SLO-SRB: New dietary food product for physically active people

Project duration:

1.1.2018 – 31.12.2019

Project Partner:

Institute of Food Technology in Novi Sad

Project leader at  UP FVZ:

Assoc. Prof. Mihaela Jurdana (SICRIS, ResearchGate)


EXPECTED RESULTS- creation of the new dietetic food products with the proven positive effect on health status of people enrolled in increased physical activity and athletes. Expected key results are: 1. Optimized production process of dietetic food products based on food bars enriched with sport supplements. 2. Sensory acceptance of new products produced in the pilot plant. 3. Label making of the new product followed by the results on quality, health safety, functionality and shelf-life testing. 4. Product acceptance evaluated by the consumers. 5. Education of consumers about functional food, in particular people engaged in increased physical activity about the needs and proper consumption of dietetic food products intended for athletes. 6. Developed technological procedure based on the pilot plant production. 7. Positive effects of the new product demonstrated on asymptomatic adults. 8. Raised public’s awareness of the benefits of the new product by the dissemination of the results. 9. Established collaboration between Serbian and Slovenian partners for joint research and for novel opportunities to obtain national, European and international research projects. 10. Appointment of a partner country scientist in the Ph.D. committees.

»Bilateral project SLO-SRB titled “New dietary food product for physically active people” is co-financed by the Slovenian Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia from the state budget.”