Oncology and nursing care of oncology patients


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Theoretical part
• Carcinogenesis
• Epidemiology of cancer
• Prevention of cancer and genetic counselling
• The role of nurses in early cancer detection: medical and educational work, screening, genetic counselling
• Diagnostic methods in oncology
• Preclinical and clinical research in oncology
• Basic principles of clinical oncology -treatment (oncological surgery, radiotherapy, internal oncology)

• Comprehensive treatment of patient with cancer
• Nursing care of surgical oncology patient

• Nursing care of patient treated with radiation
• Nursing care of patient on systemic therapy:
– health care of patient treated with cytostatics
– health care of patient treated with biopharmaceuticals
– health care of patient treated with hormonal drugs

• Extravasations and local complications of systemic intravenous therapy
• Subcutaneous venous chamber
• Diet of patient with cancer
• Palliative care in patient with cancer

• Supportive health care of patient with cancer
• Pain in patient with cancer
• Safe work in oncology (with cytostatics, isotopes, secretions etc.)
• Most common types of cancers according to location: breast, skin, lung, colon, prostate, testicles etc.
• Emergency conditions in oncology