Communication in science


Subject carrier


Structuring scientific writing
• Specifics of experimental paper, review paper, meta-analysis
• Presenting known or new methodologies
• Reporting results, discussion
• Proper use of terminology
Argument and persuasive writing
• Informative writing technique
• Integrating research topic in broader field
• Stating main message
• Critical reading
• Review process
Reporting scientific results
• Reporting scientific results to scientific community
• Reporting/teaching younger colleagues
• Reporting to general public
• Transfer knowledge and ideas to industrial partners
Proposal writing, project applications
• National and international calls
• Preparation of project proposal documentation
• Establishment of partnership, consortium
• Project management
Oral presentations of scientific results
• Long or short talk
• Poster presentation
• Rhetoric skills, prosodics, proxemics, semantics, syntax
Role of graphics and visualisation
• Preparing written or graphical abstract
• Preparation of slides
• Preparation of posters
Communication in business environment
• Forms of communication in business environment
• Skills of written communication in business environment
• Skills of oral communication
• Business presentations
• Resolution of conflicts
• Nonverbal communication
Good manners in business
• Importance of first impression
• Appearance, manners, general behavior
Management of intercultural differences
• Communication in intercultural environment
• Challenges (language, values, stereotypes…)
Intellectual property
• Legislation of author rights
• Intellectual property rights in research and development working environment
• Plagiarism