Basic motor skills


Subject carrier


• Motor abilities: models of motor abilities, structure of motor abilities, factors limiting expression of individual motor abilities, basics of motor abilities development and differences based on gender
• Motor skills: classification of motor skills, based on motor development
• Neuro-muscular functions (basics of muscle contraction, biomechanics of musculo-tendinous system and bone, biomechanics of individual muscle, basic biomechanics of single-joint of multi-joint systems)
• Neurophysiological basics of human movement (basics in somatosensorics, peripheral nervous system, basic reflex loops important for movement, importance of central processing for movement)
• Classification of elementary movements, their interconnection with movement abilities and approaches to increase exercise intensity
• Elementary movements and pedagogics
• Basics of biomechanics (torque and momentum at the joint and multi-joint level)
• Terminology used in kinesiology to describe movement
• Interconnections between movement efficiency and other bio-psycho-social aspects of the human