assist. prof. dr. Matej Voglar – PHD TOPICS

Name and Surname: assist. prof. Matej Voglar, PhD

Research facility (research activity location)
University of Primorska, Faculty of Health Sciences

Research field according to ARRS classification
Science: Social sciences
Field: Sport
Subfield: Kinesiology – medical aspect

Summary of research topic and field
Incidence, prevalence and associated costs of low back pain are increasing, despite the implementation of several preventive measures. Findings from important international publications indicate the necessity for changing our understanding of this multidimensional problem and improving approaches for low back pain management. Traditionally, the main emphasize is on risk factors, neglecting the importance of protective factors. Research will explore the relevance of various protective factors and possible positive adaptations on specific workloads. Our previous research work indicates a potential for protective adaptations of long-term exposure to work in a bended position, which warrants further confirmation. The aim is to evaluate whether the implementation of interventions focused on strengthening the protective factors affects the frequency, intensity and duration of low back pain.