assist. Prof. dr. Klemen Širok – PHD TOPICS

Name and Surname: assist. prof. Klemen Širok, PhD

Research facility (research activity location)
University of Primorska, Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Primorska, Faculty of management

Research field according to ARRS classification
Science: Social sciences
Field: Economics
Field: Administrative and organisational sciences

Summary of research topic and field
In the STAR-VITAL project, we encourage stakeholders to address the challenges of an aging workforce, prolongation of work activity and maintenance of health and work ability through an appropriate change in values and behaviours. The interventions are based upon the concepts of the salutogenesis, the healthy organization and the WHO Healthy Workplaces model. We help businesses to set up a supportive environment and to integrate the measures to protect and promote health, safety and well-being of employees with a view of ensuring sustainable and healthy jobs – especially for older employees (45+). Project activities link system actions to the individualized approach supported by IT solutions, both for employees and companies’ management.
STAR-VITAL project offers numerous research opportunities. Research topics cover organizational behaviour, HR practices and marketing-communication with focus on how to ensure more effective and efficient participation of companies and employees in health promotion measures and how to promote care for their own health, both in work and in private sphere.