Acquired knowledge

The study programmes at FHS thoroughly train students for professional work in nursing, nutritional counselling and applied kinesiology. We are aware that study and research cannot be isolated from practical work, so the Faculty cooperates closely with the social environment. The close ties and cooperation established with numerous local teaching institutes in the field of clinical and practical training ensure the exchange of knowledge with the wider community to which we belong.

The study programmes of Nursing, Nutritional Counselling – Dietetics and Applied Konesiology include highly developed and future-oriented study areas that inspire current and future students who like working with people. This is why many secondary school students choose FHS as their educational partner every year. The study process at FHS focuses on providing students with practical training that upgrades their theoretical knowledge, which enables them to be fully prepared for their future daily professional and personal life. We respond to the social demand for high-quality education, so you should be part of our story.