The influence of differently filled glycogen stores on the hydration status (and body composition) of athletes (National project)

Duration of the project:

1.1.2018 – 31.12.2018

Project manager:

Assist. Prof. Nina Mohorko (SICRIS, ResearchGate)

Project content:

Appropriate hydration of athletes can significantly contribute to performance. In the absence of consensus on the appropriate method of measuring the hydration status, the measurement of the difference in body weight was established as a simple and safe method for determining the hydration status of athletes. It is anticipated that 40 recreational cyclists and triathlets will be invited to participate in the survey, which will take place at UP FVZ, through social networking and oral invitations. Participants will be exposed to two interventional studies that will have an opposite effect on glycogen stores. The results will also be potentially useful for other branch associations as the proper design of a sports nutrition and the adaptation of hydration to sports nutrition is essential for a good outcome of athletes.