ŠIPK: PONO – Development of the platform intended to reduce the football injuries


Duration of the project:

1.3.2020 – 30.6.2020 

Project leader:

doc. Darjan Smajla (SICRIS, ResearchGate)

Project partners:

Football Association of Slovenia


Football is one of the most widespread sports in the world and in Slovenia (281 clubs, 49,091 registered players). Due to the large number of athletes and the nature of sports, many injuries are present in football (1.5-7.6/1000h of training, 12-35/1000h of matches). Injuries consequently result in absence from the training process, additional economic burden and shortening of the player’s competitive career. Reducing the number of injuries can be achieved with modern, scientific-based prevention programs. The aim of the project (UP FVZ) leadership is to offer coaches, sports professionals, athletes and parents of young athletes (end-users) free and quality programs to prevent the most common injuries in football and for a successful return to the football pitch after injury. The project will focus on the five most common acute injuries (thigh muscle injuries, ankle sprain, anterior cruciate ligament injury…) and chronic injuries (Achilles tendinopathy, patellar tendinopathy…) which will be selected after an epidemiological review of the literature. Based on a review of the scientific literature, we will design prevention and rehabilitation programs that will be freely accessible online. As an interdisciplinary group, we will focus on raising awareness and transferring knowledge to end-users, thereby improving the quality of implementation of the mentioned programs. We will cooperate with the National Football Association of Slovenia (NZS – partner), which will provide the implementation of online programs to clubs. Programs will be also supported by workshops organized by UP FVZ. Online programs will help reduce injuries and help players return to the field more successfully after a football injury.

Project PONO is co-financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia and by EU from the European Social Fund.