PKP: ČILI – Chili analysis


Duration of the project:

1. 2. 2017 – 30.6. 2017

Project leader:

Assist. Prof. Zala Jenko Pražnikar (SICRIS, ResearchGate)

Other participants:

Ana Petelin (SICRIS, ResearchGate)
Mojca Stubelj (SICRIS, ResearchGate)
Dunja Bandelj (SICRIS)

Project partners:

GORKI CHILI Rok Iglar s.p.


The aim of the project, in collaboration with the local company “Gorki chili” and UP FAMNIT, was the chemical analysis of commercially available chili sauces and the investigation of their effects on human health. In a six-week study involving thirty healthy adult participants, we investigated how the consumption of three chili sauces with increasing amounts of capsaicin, the most important bioactive compound of chili, affects health-related parameters. We discovered reduced levels of serum glucose, cholesterol and inflammatory markers when intake was moderate, but not when it was high. From this we can conclude that the intake of chili or chili sauces has a preventive effect on the development of some modern metabolic diseases.

»The authors acknowledge the project ČILI is finacially supported by the European Social Fund (80%) and Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (20%).«