The Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Primorska (UP FVZ) has accredited the Master’s study programme Physiotherapy with the aim of educating Masters of Physiotherapy who will be able to work as a healthcare professionals.

The Master’s study programme in Physiotherapy is an upgrade of the study programme of the same name at the 1st (undergraduate) level.

The fundamental objective of the program is to educate a physiotherapist as an independent health professional who will be able to work independently or in a team in planning, implementing and evaluating physiotherapeutic treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with the acquired interdisciplinary knowledge. He/she will be able to work in the field of primary prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

The content and structure of the study programme is constructed so that students will acquire the appropriate competences and upgrade previously acquired knowledge and skills for autonomous implementation and more demanding modern science-based physiotherapy methods and techniques. They will upgrade their knowledge in the field of clinical assessment, as well as in the field of objective and technologically more advanced assessment and evaluation in physiotherapy. With the acquired in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of manual techniques and movement therapy, and taking into account the biopsychosocial model of treatment, they will be able to comprehensively and scientifically base their approaches to treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, taking into account the specifics of different life periods and different target groups.

After completing the study programme, the student gains the title of Master of Physiotherapy / Master of Physiotherapy or, abbreviated, Mag. physio. In the healthcare sector, they will have the opportunity to do an internship and a professional exam for healthcare professionals. They will also have the opportunity to continue their studies at the 3rd level, in the PhD programmes.