Swimming with bases of rescuing from water


Subject carrier


• Swimming with bases of rescuing from water:
• Definition and importance of swimming
• History and the development of swimming (techniques)
• The basics of biomechanics of movement in water and swimming
• Basic swimming techniques, jumping into water and turns
• Didactic model of swimming learning (conditions, trainer, student)
• Didactics and methodics of levels of teaching swimming
• Planning the teaching of swimming (swimming performance program according to content and goals)
• Swimming programs in the curricula of public educational institutions and additional educational programs (Zlati sonček, Krpan, Delfinček)
• Personalized swimming contents, water animation and water activities for different groups
• Criteria for assessing swimming and swimming skills
• Water rescuing techniques and care for active safety
• Drowning process
• Measures for ensuring safety at pool and natural swimming pools
• The importance of ensuring active safety in swimming programs and activities in the water
• Safety legislation on swimming pools and natural swimming pools
• Research in the field of swimming