Sociology of health and diseases


Subject carrier


1. Sociology and society
1.1. Definition and characteristics of sociology as science
1.2. Theoretical approaches in sociology
1.3. Socialization
2. Conceptualization of sociology of health and diseases
2.1. Introduction to sociology of health and diseases
2.1.1. Sociology of health and diseases as scientific discipline
2.1.2. Definition of health and diseases
2.1.3. The body as social concept
2.1.4. The definition of the role and status of patient in society
2.1.5. Experiencing diseases
2.2. Social aspects of health and health inequalities
2.3. Organized provisions of health care
2.3.1. Development of nursing care
2.3.2. Development of scientific medicine
2.3.3. Professionalization of medicine and nursing care
2.3.4. Social power of medicine and the relationship to nursing care
2.3.5. Medicalization of society
2.3.6. The organization of health security
2.3.7. Culture and cultural competence in health care
2.3.8. Transcultural health care
3. Selected topics in sociology of everyday life
4. Elements and approaches of sociological research of health and disease