Subject carrier


General part:
• physiotherapy / phisiotherapiology / rehabilitation
• locomotor physiotherapy
• respiratory physiotherapy
• rehabilitation and biomedical engineering
• cardiovascular physiotherapy – internal medicine physiotherapy (physiotherapy of civilization diseases)
• manual therapy and physiotherapy for functional movement disorders
• neurophysiotherapy
• somatopsychic therapy
• clinical physiotherapy
• palliative physiotherapy
• sports physiotherapy
• animal physiotherapy
• sexual physiotherapy
• basics of kinesiotherapy and functional kinesiotherapy
• massage, lymphatic drainage
• pressotherapy, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy
• electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, laser, ultrasound and other techniques
• biomechanics, kinanthropology, medical physical education, occupational safety and health and ergonomics with ergology

Special part:
• cardio-respiratory physiotherapy, neurophysiotherapy, eye physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, manual therapy techniques, gynaecological physiotherapy, palliative physiotherapy, gerontological physiotherapy treatment and other sub-sectors
• biology and physiology of ageing
• osteoporosis and fractures
• rehabilitation after amputation
• rehabilitation of patients with degenerative rheumatism
• rehabilitation of stroke patients
• development and scientific research trends in physiotherapy
• complementary techniques in physiotherapy
• robotics
• Slovenian physiotherapy
• physical exercise for health and health promotion at workplace