Outdoor physical activity


Subject carrier


a. Hiking, hiking, climbing and camping, survival skills in the wild, and the summer outdoor activities
• The importance of the content and organization of outdoor activities with supporting content
• The meaning of hiking, mountaineering as an integral part of general culture
• Skills of camping goods, camping and wilderness survival (a camp, tent, bivouac, fires …).
• The doctrine of the management and execution of excursions in nature and of short and longer stays with supporting content
• Implementation of canyoning activities
• Implementation of climbing activities in a natural wall
• Execution of activities by bike
• Implementation of activities rafting
• Introduction to rescue wild waters
• Make multiple-day trip in the highlands and mountains
• Basic orientation in nature, and the execution of orienteering or hiking
• Understanding the camps supporting activities (canoeing, orienteering, rock climbing, archery, Nordic walking, …)
• Knowledge of possibilities to integrate the content of outdoor activities in integrated programs of health and therapeutic programs, programs of social integration programs for quality leisure time
• Dangers and care for safety in outdoor physical activities

b. Diving, sailing and motor / sports activities on and by the sea
• The importance of the content and organization of activities on and by the sea, accompanied by content and activities (rowing, ball games on the water, jumping into the water, …)
• Biomechanical and physiological diving laws
• Preparing and maintenance of diving equipment
• Risks in and on the sea
• First aid measures at sea
• Diving techniques and conducting dives
• Basic techniques of sailing and maritime skills
• Maritime Regulations and Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
• Basics of navigation at sea and orientation in nature
• Learning activities, and in the sea as the content quality of life and active leisure time

Specific parts of the content are carried out according to the circumstances – weather conditions, accessibility of equipment for renting students and natural features for carrying out the activity.