Neurology and neuropathology


Subject carrier


– The neuron
– Resting and action potential
– The synapse and synaptic integration
– Motor system (upper and lower motor neuron, extrapyramidal system, the cerebellum)
– Somatosensory system and pain
– Sensory organs
– Speech
– Basics of higher neural functions

Clinical neurology:
– Neurologic examination
– Neurologic syndromes
– Cerebrovascular diseases
– Multiple sclerosis and other demyelination related diseases
– Extrapyramidal diseases
– Ataxias
– Spinal cord diseases
– Diseases of the peripheral nerves and neuromuscular junction
– Muscular diseases
– Pain syndromes
– Injuries of the nervous system
– Dementia
– Epilepsy
– Genetic and perinatal brain diseases
– Diseases of the brain nerves (dysphagia, vision disturbances, vertigo)

Diagnostic methods:
– Imaging methods (CT, MR, fMRI, Ultrasound)
– Electrophysiological methods (EMG, EEG, EP, TMS)