Management in public and private healthcare


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– Basic concept of process organization. Defining the concepts of process organization in healthcare. Fundamental functions of the management in healthcare. The function of the management and administration
– Teamworh and leadership. Defining the concept of teamwork in general and in healthcare. Teamwork interdisciplinary work and inter-professional work. Defining the specificity of the leadership, coordination and cooperation of the team.
– Documentation management in healthcare institutions. The imporatance of health documentation in working processes. Healthcare documentation as an accessory to the management.
– Managing the public healthcare funding. Defining the funding of public and private healthcare in Slovenia and EU
– Appointment system. Defining the system of appointments. Defining the tracking of the patient and the healthcare services
– Human assets of healthcare personnel. Defining the concept of human asset of the individual and intellectual asset of the healthcare institutions
– Private healthcare and concessions. Defining the concept of public and private healthcare and the concept of the concession in private healrthcare. Private healthcare as a supportnig pillar to the public healthcare. The ways of bestowing the concessions. Activities in the private healthcare.