Kinesiology in occupational setting


Subject carrier


Basic ergonomics:
• Historical overview
• Basic terminology
• Basics of legislative provision (Slovenian and international) for performing workplace health promotion

Sedentarism in different age groups (adolescents, adults and elderly):
• Sitting as a part of educational processes
• Problematics of sitting workplace
• Assessing sedentary behavior in different age groups
• Interventions for reducing sedentary behavior in different age groups

Problematics of workplace sitting and standing:
• Biomechanics related to sitting and standing
• Musculoskeletal overuse and risk for various pain syndromes
• Impact on metabolism, cardiovascular functions psychological effects
• Additional workloads: repetitive movements, static work, vibrations

Workplace physical activity:
• Workplace health promotion (motivating, informing, educational workshops, etc.)
• Physical activity during work
• Physical activity during worktime breaks (active breaks)
• Applications of interventions in workplace environment
• Importance of free-time physical activity

Assessing and evaluating sedentary behavior:
• Objective methods
• Subjective methods
• Workplace analysis, optimization and planning methods

Environmental aspects and workplace:
• Heat and workplace (termoregulation, thermal factors, universal heat indexes, protection from heat stress)
• Lightning and workplace (physical attributes of light, physiology of visual sensations, visual system stressors)
• Noise and workplace (physical attributes of sound and noise, physiology of auditory sensations, noise and work performance)