Introduction to kinesiology


Subject carrier


• Introduction to kinesiology:
• Anthropological starting points of kinesiology
• Historical development of sport
• Terminology in kinesiology
• Placement of the contents of kinesiology into the life of an individual and a modern society
• Fundamentals of study and influence of kinesiology profession and science
• Models of collecting information on morphological, motor and functional status of a person
• The content and means of changing the psychosomatic status of a person
• The basics of kinesiometry and usability of measurement in kinesiology profession and practice
• Get acquainted with kinesiological diagnostics and applied research that place kinesiology as an important area of human treatment,
• Relations between culture, sport, movement, health, work, education and leisure
• The social position of the content of kinesiology and its dependence on politics
• Employability profile of the kinesiologist and placement on the labor market
• Area legislation and content kinesiology in national legislation