Didactics of water physical activities


Subject carrier


1. Content of swimming and water motor/sports activities in the national syllabus for Physical Education
a. Swimming knowledge standards
b. Standard-setting
c. Swimming programs

2. Methods of teaching swimming
a. Adaptation to the aquatic environment
b. Swimming techniques
c. Jumping into the water
d. Breath diving
e. Movement in water (e.g. water aerobics)
f. Water games (water polo, water basketball, water volleyball,…)
g. Water animation games
h. Endurance swimming

3. Rescuing from water
a. Risks in the aquatic environment
b. Ensuring security
c. Water Rescue Techniques

4. Planning of swimming activities
a. Swimming course
b. Outdoor Summer school
c. Sports days with swimming content

5. Swimming activities in the outdoor environment
a. Preparation of the outdoor environment for the implementation of water motor/sports activities
b. Performing aquatic activities in the outdoor environment