Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy


Subject carrier


The student is informed about the subject:
– Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system
– acquaintance with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases
– physiotherapy in cardiology and pulmonology and surgery
– FT in people with acute cardiac conditions, in people with a history of ischemic heart disease and chronic CV disease
– FT treatment in the intensive care unit and after cardiac surgery
– assessment and critical analysis of the effects of the physiotherapeutic process in persons with disorders and diseases of the respiratory system
– acquaintance with RFT methods and techniques
– use of physiotherapy procedures in the prevention of the onset and treatment of diseases and disorders of the respiratory system
Breathing exercises, breathing techniques
– RFT in IT and ambulatory RFT
– Drug applications (inhalations)
– education of RFT exercises and relaxation techniques suitable for pulmonary patients
– spirometry and other spirometric tests
– Speleotherapy
– clinical tests of cardiovascular and pulmonary function (Shuttle, 6MWT …)
– active participation in an interprofessional team