Subject carrier


1. Introduction to biochemistry
1a) Biochemistry as science
1b) Molecular basis of life
1c) Water molecule
1d) Biologically important elements
2. Biomolecules
2a) of amino acids and proteins; structure, properties and functions of proteins; enzymes
2b) of carbohydrates: structure and biological role
2c) of lipids and cell membrane
2d) of nucleotides and nucleic acid
3. Metabolism and biosynthesis
3a) of carbohydrates (glycolysis, citrate cycle; electron transport, oxidative phosphorylation and regulation of formation of ATP, gluconeogenesis, glycogen metabolism)
3b)of lipids
3c) of proteins
4. Digestion of basic food components, transport and integration into metabolism (hormone regulation, the case of insulin, glucagon and adrenalin)