Adapted physical activity


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Adapted physical activity:
• the definition of disability and persons with special needs
• special features in the development of individuals with special needs
• contents of the law on training of persons with special needs and characteristics and criteria in the defined groups of persons with special needs
• contemporary philosophy, paradigm and understanding of difference
• ethical values that change the paradigm
• attitude, understanding and treatment of people with special needs
• the concept of education, education and treatment of persons with special needs
• Ensuring equal opportunities and professional advocacy
• population of people with special needs: classifications
• models of adaptation and assistance to persons with special needs in development and in the process of education
• social inclusion of people with special needs and leisure
• adaptation of movement / sports activities to different groups of people with special needs
• strengthening the physical and mental capacity of people with disabilities
• overcoming social isolation or exclusion through movable / sporting activities
• Active leisure time for people with special needs
• planning and managing personalized / sporting activities for different individuals and groups of people with special needs
• defining the usefulness of individual sports in relation to the type and degree of disability
• adaptation of sports and sports techniques for people with disabilities
• classification of adapted sports