assist. prof. dr. Melita Peršolja – PhD TOPICS

Name and Surname: assist. prof. Melita Peršolja, PhD
ARRS 29222

Research facility (research activity location)

Univerza na Primorskem, Fakulteta za vede o zdravju
Zdravstvene ustanove po Sloveniji

Research field according to ARRS classification
Science: Medicine
Field: Public Health

Summary of research topic and field

Increased competences (knowledge and skills) in the area of quality of working life of nursing staff and undesirable consequences for the healthcare institution and wider society (such as burnout, presenteeism, absenteeism, turnover and other direct and indirect costs) have important implications for health and safety and quality of working life. Research on understanding the factors in the healthcare sector that affect the quality of working life should therefore be promoted in Slovenian healthcare institutions at all three levels of organisation (primary, secondary and tertiary).

The main purpose of our research will be to identify the key determinants and their impact on the quality of working life of nurses.

The objectives of the research are:

– to examine theoretically, on the basis of a systematic review of bibliographic units of foreign and national literature, the factors that influence the quality of working life in public health care institutions;

– to conduct a qualitative study on the characteristics and determinants of the quality of working life of nursing staff in public health care institutions through interviews with senior nurses;

– to conduct a quantitative study on quality of working life by surveying nursing staff in public health care institutions.

With the useof the combined qualitative and quantitative scientific research method, the study will cover a broad area of nursing, while providing a deeper insight into the topic and enabling the translation of findings into practice.