assist. prof. dr. Jernej Rošker – PHD TOPICS

Name and Surname: assist. prof. Jernej Rošker, PhD

Research facility (research activity location)
University of Primorska, Faculty of Health Sciences

Research field according to ARRS classification
Science: Social sciences
Field: Sport
Subfield: Kinesiology

Summary of research topic and field
PhD student will be studying visual perception and attention as well as gaze movement-controlling strategies in specific sports. Studying gaze movement controlling strategies has been shown to be important for better understanding the preparation and execution of movement response and precision in targeting and interceptive tasks. One of the most studied phenomena is the quiet eye, which represents the final gaze fixation to a specific point in visual working space starting before the final movement phase. The latter has been correlated to the increased cortical activity before and during the movement execution that is responsible for sensory processing and preparation of motor response. In this regard, quiet eye is thought of as indicator of (i) movement preparation phase and/or (ii) online processing and adaptation of movement to the current changes in the environment. In contrast, some studies suggest, that gaze fixation period also represents a more general processing of corrective strategies during repetitive movements, not related specifically to individual movements. These processes are also connected to other cognitive functions such as memory recall, working memory function, preparation of environmental representations and individual’s spatial and temporal relation to the environment.
PhD candidate will work with mobile eye tracking equipment. The first part of the research work will be focused on studying metric characteristics of gaze movement strategies assessment using eye tracking equipment and gaze controlling strategies in specific sports and their correlation to sports performance. In the second part, the results of previous work will be used to prepare training interventions for improving sports performance.