assist. prof. dr. Dorjana Zerbo Šporin – PHD TOPICS

Ime in priimek: assist. prof. dr. Dorjana Zerbo Šporin, PhD

Research facility (research activity location)
University of Primorska, Faculty of Health Sciences

Research field according to ARRS classification
Science: Social sciences
Field: Sport
Subfield: Kinesiology – medical aspect

Science: Humanities
Field: Anthropology
Subfield: Physical anthropology

Summary of research topic and field
Population aging represents an important social challenge. Strategies to reduce the social burden of aging are oriented towards quality in aging. A prerequisite of quality in aging is a good health or at least a low number of chronic diseases. One of the more prominent elements in managing the burden of aging is to provide enough physical activity in elderly. The basis of being active is to »wake up« either from sitting or from lying. The present study will investigate whether an intervention that systematically encourages «sit to stand» transfers of older people, increase predispositions of being physically active as the number of «sit to stand» transfers, the amount of time spend in a standing position and the number of steps even after intervention.