assist. Prof. dr. Boris Kovač – PHD TOPICS

Name and Surname: assist. prof. Boris Kovač, PhD

Research facility (research activity location)
University of Primorska, Faculty of Health Sciences
Opportunities to collaborate with Institute “Jožef Stefan”

Research field according to ARRS classification
Science: Biotechnical sciences
Field: Biotechnology

Summary of research topic and field
Determination common juniper berries functional properties by geographical origin.
The purpose of the proposed study is to examine the composition and characteristics of common juniper berries by geographical origin. The study will include samples obtained in Slovenia (Karst, Ilirska Bistrica region, southern slopes of the Trnovski gozd) and some samples from juniper habitats outside Slovenia (Croatia, BIH). The berries extracts antioxidant potential, antimicrobial activity and in vitro cellular response will be determined. According to the traditional procedure the Kraški brinjevec spirit with Protected Geographical Indication, will be prepared. The antioxidant properties of Kraški brinjevec and berries extracts will be compared. The content of volatile organic compounds will also be determined in the extract samples with SPME GC-MSD. The origin of juniper berries and their extracts will be verified using mass spectrometry analysis of light elements (IRMS)stable isotopes. The ratio of light elements (H, C, N, O and S) stable isotopes will serve to determine the authenticity and geographical origin. Finally, the Kraški brinjevec origin will be verified by SNIF-NMR method.