Student Mobility

The international mobility of students and employees is becoming one of the most frequent types of international cooperation in higher education. Mobility and the transfer of knowledge, experience and ideas as well as collaboration are the key principles of Europe, which strives for a society of knowledge and the competitive advantage and global comparability of European graduates, employees and researchers.

UP FHS participates in the Erasmus+ programme which gives the students the opportunity to complete a part of their study programme obligations in one of the partner institutions from abroad instead of their home institution (university), or to complete their clinical/practical training in one of the participating countries.

Erasmus ID code: SI KOPER03

PIC number: 998802793

Erasmus code: 221927-LA-1-2014-1-SI-E4AKA1-ECHE



Erasmus Mobility Coordinator:

Andreja Brecelj:

Tel.: 00386 (5) 66-26-477