Subject carrier


– Introduction to orthopedics
o History of orthopedics
o The role of physiotherapy in orthopedics
o The principles of orthopedic treatment
– Diagnostic methods in orthopedics
o Anamnesis
o Clinical examination
o Imaging
o Arthroscopy
o Neurophysiological examination
o Laboratory work
– Genetic and developmental irregularities of the locomotor system
– Posture assessment
– Metabolic bone diseases
– Infections of the locomotor system
– Treatment of the tumors
– Blood flow interruption
– Degenerative diseases of the locomotor system
o Classification of arthrosis types
o Epidemiology and etiology of arthrosis
o Clinical characteristics of arthrosis
– Orthopedic operative treatment of arthrosis
– Post-injury conditions:
o Bone injuries
o Joint injuries
o Connective tissue injuries

Special orthopedics (body segment specific):
– Upper limb
– Lower limb
– Sacroiliac joint and the pelvis
– The spinal column
– The head and the neck