Erasmus Intensive Programme PRO – ACTE

The Faculty of Health Sciences hosts the Erasmus Intensive Programme PRO – ACTE (Positive resourse Oriented Approaches Towards Elderly Care) from 25 March till 3 April 2014 with around 60 participants.

The Erasmus Intensive Programme PRO – ACTE is a three-year project (2012-2014), financially supported by the European Community, which brings together students and teachers of higher education institutions and universities who study or teach in the field of nursing and social work.

The main theme of the IP is active aging and this year will focus on communication with the elderly. The project involves 8 partners from 5 European countries (Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia).  The purpose of IP is to change the perecption of elderly population in society, promoting a multicultural and multidisciplinary cooperation between students, teachers and professionals in practice. European Commission initiative is to improve conditions for older people with the aim to enable their active role in society and encourage healthy aging.